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Oh I scream! I scream, and awkward dance a little, and make faces that cannot be seen by other people... 

So, the "good news," or rather, the potential of it, is Thaw being closer to published! A week ago, I met an agent who used to work for Harper Collins, and after some talking, she offered to read Thaw. Although I told her the manuscript still needed a ton of editing, she asked for it nonetheless. I don't think the chance of her offering representation is that big, but at least it's a step forward!

In the meantime (waiting for an agent's response is something only slightly less scary than Paranormal Activities, or the Ring, which are, by the way, pee-your-pants scary), I am editing Thaw, and starting a new story. The new story will be a mystery/crime genre! So get excited. I will be posting about it soon.

Okay, so that's that. Has there been any good news in your life? What was your reaction? I hope you didn't scream like I do, because I think my neighbor thought something was going on in my house...

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