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Thank you. We’ve made it. The story of Thaw is finally finished, with the help and support from each and every one of you. The time and energy you’ve devoted for the story moves me time and again, and I appreciate every minute you spent reading my story. Writing Thaw has been a great journey for me, both in terms of the craft of writing and becoming a better author. I put up the website for Thaw ( late May, and ever since then I’ve gained 40+ readers from all over the world. I have never before understood why all authors claim their readers are the best readers, but now I do. You guys are truly the best, ever. It is my honor to have you in my big reader family.

Right now, as the story draws to an end, I will be starting the editing process soon. It won’t be as fun as creating a story, but just as crucial. While editing, I will also draft a query letter, which I will send to literary agents in a few months. Publishing is a highly competitive business, and I will need the strongest possible query letter. I will send you a draft of my query when I finish it, if you have time, feel free to tell me what’s wrong with it, so I can revise and revise and revise!

In the meantime, I’m going to take a short break from Thaw so I can come back to the manuscript with a fresh pair of eyes. As all of you know, Thaw is the first installment in a trilogy; I will start writing the second book in the fall. You will probably get to read the first few chapters by early winter, that is, if you’re interested. It is totally fine, though, to tell me otherwise.

On that note, I want to take a paragraph (:P) to introduce you my new project. It’s not related to Thaw in any sense, and will probably be a wildly different kind of story. So far, the genre is mystery/crime, and it will be a non-YA book. The story will have darker themes than those in Thaw. If any of you are interested in picking up this story, give me a holler! I will put up more information about this story on my website soon.

Lastly (I realize this email is getting long), I think it’s time to tell everyone about my age. Most readers haven’t asked, and I haven’t really talked about it either, but I’m eighteen. One of the reasons why I didn’t put this on my website is because some people won’t take me seriously that way. But now that you’ve all become my readers and friends, I think you guys deserve to know. My apology for not having told you earlier.

Thank you again, for all that you’ve done, for your immense patience and support. Without you, Thaw wouldn’t be the same today.


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