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I've been discussing my characters in Thaw with some readers recently, and as a joke, one of them said, "I worry sometimes about writers developing multiple personality disorder", after our heated debate on Summit's personality (if you've been keeping up with the chapters, you should know who Summit is!).

I laughed at the statement for about a minute. Then I started to worry a little--what if I am developing multiple personality disorder? Joking. But here's how I spend an usual day; tell me whether or not you think I'm crazy.

8:00am get up *yawn*
8:30am fully dressed and made-up. sit in front of my desk and check my email meticulously. Get too excited when I see a reader's feedback/a new reader requesting more chapters (do a little happy dance). Sit back down. Eat my breakfast and click the refresh button on my email--several times.

9:00am-5:00pm work. 'nuff said.

5:30pm running time. Most of the weeks I run a weekly total of 20 miles (plus or minus a few, depending my "slacker scale").

6:30pm dinnertime! Eat my food while checking more emails and talking to readers. Edit manuscript if need be (this sentence can be interpreted in two ways: a)I'm getting one of those very random but very powerful inspiration slap-in-the-face moments--tend to happen after I run, for some reason; b) my lovely beta readers have gotten back to me with feedback and some with line edits--revision time!

7:00pm prep talk to myself: write, Vanessa, write! why are you sitting there doing nothing?!?! ahhh

8:00pm finally! Writing time! first thing I read aloud (sounds crazy, I know, considering I'm in an empty room talking to myself incessantly) whatever I wrote last night. that always helps me capture Ignia(the MC)'s voice better. I revise. After that, I start writing new stuff!

2:00am *yawn* gotta get up at 8 tomorrow...bed bed bed where are you I need you right now goodnight Ignia and Calo and Fray and Summit and Teal and 601 and everyone...

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